Citing ProTstab2

  1. ProTstab2 was developed by Jianjun Zhao, Yang Yang and Mauno Vihinen. Manuscript is IN PREPARATION. In the meantime if using the service cite the URL. Waiting...

  2. Citation for the original ProTstab predictor is:

    YANG Y, DING X, ZHU G, et al. ProTstab – predictor for cellular protein stability [J]. BMC Genomics, 2019, 20(1): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s12864-019-6138-7/.

Start prediction

To start using ProTstab2, you just need to provide protein sequence information. For protein sequences, there are two ways to input: directly by providing FASTA sequences or UniProt IDs. These data can be written or pasted to the boxes in the input forms or uploaded as a file.

To look for an input example, please click the "Example" text on the input page.

Input FASTA sequences

If complete FASTA sequence(s) is available, you can paste it to the input FASTA sequences box. FASTA sequence(s) and email must be provided. If an email is provided, the results will be sent to you by email when ready.

FASTA sequences have to contain a header line starting with greater than sign (>) followed by amino acids sequence. Amino acids sequence has to start from a new line.


    FASTA Sequence
    >sp|P30177|YBIB_ECOLI Uncharacterized protein YbiB OS=Escherichia coli (strain K12) OX=83333 GN=ybiB PE=1 SV=1
    >tr|Q746N8|Q746N8_THET2 CbiX protein OS=Thermus thermophilus (strain ATCC BAA-163 / DSM 7039 / HB27) OX=262724 GN=cbiX PE=4 SV=1

Input Protein IDs(UniProt)

ProTstab2 accepts also protein ids from UniProt. Protein IDs and email must be provided. If an email is provided, the results will be sent to you by email when ready.
The UniProt IDs should be preceded by greater than sign (>).


    UniProt IDs

Protein Prediction

Protein prediction will predict the Tm. Only one protein can be provided at a time. Provide sequences in FASTA format or use a protein ID from UniProt. It will take a long time, please be patient and the result will be sent to email.

Prediction results

ProTstab2 provides results on separate web pages and if e-mail is provided they are mailed to the submitter. For each submission, which is called "Task" and for each protein's Tm "Record" there will be detailed pages.

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